Welcome Newborn Twins| San Francisco Bay Area NEwborn Twin Photographer Heidi Kapust Photography

Newborn Twins!  Love shooting twins, it takes a lot of time but well worth it! One little guy wanted to be wide awake most of the shoot, he was so curious and wanted to know what was going on, and one of my favorite is his arm around his brother while looking into the camera, so sweet!

Caneel - Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous!! That first one – swoon!!

Robin - These are beautiful, nice work!

Crystal - Lovely images and the “things” shot is precious!

Heather - Oh my I can see why the one you mentioned is your favorite! These are all so sweet!

Mary - Oh my these are simply adorable! Now I’m off to convince hubby to let me have just one more :)

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Welcome Baby N| San Francisco Bay area newborn photographer Heidi Kapust Photography

Such a sweet little girl! She was wide awake for this shoot! She didn’t want to miss out on anything! She has such a sweet temperament and was happy as can be! 

Angela - So sweet! I love the third one.

Caneel - What a beauty! And I love the sibling shot! :)

Emily supiot - So sweet! These newborn photos are just adorable.

Heather - Love the connection with the camera in the first image. You can feel her curiosity about the world in it. Congrats to the new parents!

Heather N. - What a sweet little girl! I love love love the image of the kids all together!

Robin - Ahh, isn’t she precious! These are so sweet, I bet her family loves every one of them.

Bobbijo - what a sweet little darling! Great job capturing her!

Asheley - Baby N is beautiful. Love how you’ve captured her in those lovely soft tones!

Anjuli Francois - She is so alert! What a cutie.

Crystal - These are gorgeous, love those sweet newborn eyes.

Susy - Aww these are all so gorgeous! Great job!

heather - Wow! Look at all that eye contact!

Nicole - They are all so beautiful!

Abbe McCracken - Precious big eyes! She is a doll. I love her feisty spirit as seen with her reaching for you and the cam. Adorable!

Angela Kay - Wow, what a perfect little baby! Beautiful pictures!!

Danielle - What an adorable little girl!!!! These are beautiful images!

Heather - What a sweet girl! I love the many ways you captured her awake!

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Letters to daughters|Ava|March 2014

Dearest Ava,

I realized I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a photo shoot with you in awhile! So we went shopping and bought this cute little outfit and had some fun! You are the best daughter ever! You love to shop, in fact the idea began with you spotting some shoes in a catalog…. the Native shoes, you had to have them, so we drove to a cute boutique called Dandelion near our house and they had the shoes but not in your size! So we bought the outfit and accessories and went from there.. had a great day with you as always! You are growing so fast and I love your sweet personality.  You have recently really gotten into your “babies”.   You love your little kitty and take it everywhere so I thought it only appropriate to tag along on the photo shoot! 


Please contine with this blog circle and visit Jennifer Smay’s blog to read her beautiful letter.

Jennifer - Beautiful photos! I love the pop of color in them and everything looks so summery. :)

Abbe McCracken - So cute!!! She’s a doll and these have so much personality.

Melissa DeVoe - She is ADORABLE! The ones of her with her teddy are so precious!

Nicole - Oh I love these Heidi they are so beautiful! She is so adorable and I adore her curls. I think that my G would love her…shopping and baby dolls are right up her alley!

Crystal Phelps - She is sooooo adorable!!! These came out great! I love her kitty in them too! And I really love her necklace – please oh please tell me where you got it :)

Kerri - Gorgeous little girl! Love the last image.

Robin - What a pretty little girl, these are adorable!

Heather - She’s adorable! My daughter always has a stuffed friend along, too. :)

Megan - She is a gorgeous little girl!

Heather - Such a cutie, and I love the colors! Great job!

Anjuli Francois - What a cutie!

Laura - How stinking adorable is she! I love this age!

Amber - What a cutie! Great shots! <3

Crystal - very cute!

Susy - Awww she is so adorable! Love these images, especially the ones of her with her little bear!

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Baby Girl {Z} San Ramon One Year Old Cake Smash Photographer Heidi Kapust Photography

It’s always great to have returning clients and watch them grow!   I had the honor of taking this baby girl’s newborn pictures, which you can view by clicking this link, Baby Girl Z.  I was thrilled when her mom called and asked me to do her one year old session.   It’s been fun watching her grow and develop a cute little personality.  She is very active and all over the place, she wanted to keep moving, which is very normal for a one year old! I was on my toes, and I think both mom and myself were tired after the shoot.  It was all worth it! We got some great shots and she is such a little sweetheart!  We had planned to do the cake smash outside but it was a little chilly out so we went back to my studio for the cake smash.  Mom made the cake and it was all sugar free and it sure looked good!  Little Baby Z sure loved it!

Jade Malone - Aww, I love cake smashes! Despite the mess… I love how many different facial expressions you can get out of them in such a short amount of time :)

Miranda - Too cute!

andrea - what a fun photo shoot. Adorable little girl and great captures. I love the outdoor images and the rich tones!

Hope Copeland - Cute session. Love these!

Rezika Zurch - oh my goodness so adorable-I love that big balloon photo outside! Beautiful colors!

Laura - These are so cute! I love the variety with the cake smash and the outdoor shoot is gorgeous.

Amber - SO cute! <3

Stacy Pederson - She is so adorable! I love that one of her with the balloon.

Kim miller - Oh. My. Goodness. I just love these! That balloon is bigger than her! Fantastic job.

Angela L. - What a cutie!! great photos. I love all the colors you used.

Heather - Way too much cuteness! And that photo of her in front of the fence – beautiful!

Anjuli Francois - I love the one with the balloon. It’s huge!

Rebeccah - oh my goodness that little smile! love the B&W one too!

Melissa Klein - What a cutie! These are all adorable, and that huge balloon is awesome!

Heather - Such a cute session. Although it’s hard to pick, I think the black and white is mu favorite.

Analiese - Too cute!!

Kelly Hosch - Happy 1st Birthday cutie!

kimberly - These are adorable! And that huge balloon is awesome.

CarmenM - how adorable! Beautiful little girl and photos!

Kristen - What a sweetheart! Lovely images.

Susy - So adorable! Love that giant balloon!

Crystal - Aww, cake smashes are so adorable. What a cutie!

Abbe McCracken - oh my gosh! She is adorable and I love that the cake is not only all over her hands and face, but in the tutu too 😉 These images are priceless. Great work!

Ashley - She is a cutie!!! Love these…especially the two outside!

Amy - The one with the big pink balloon is so perfect! I really like the mix with the studio cake smash and outdoor photos.

andrea jene - Just fabulous!!! I adore the one with the giant pink balloon. It’s amazing how fast they grow and this is such a great milestone to have photographed.

Nicole - Sooo cute!

Kofo B - What a cutie!

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Family {D} Shoot|Crow Canyon Gardens, Bay Area Family Photographer , Heidi Kapust Photography

I heart this family!!! This is my friend I have known for years and it’s so special to be able to capture these memories for her! I had the honor of taking her son’s newborn pictures as well! It’s fun to watch him grow and see his personality develop.  He is beautiful and has the most gorgeous eyes! I had forgotten how difficult it can be chasing a 23 month old, I sure was exhausted after this shoot but I was happy with the images! 

Rhonda - What a cutie! Great shots!

Angela L. - All sweet, but that last one is precious

Susy - What gorgeous eyes this boy has! Love your shots!

Robin - What a handsome little boy, I love the giggle shot!

Melissa DeVoe - I love the shots you captured! So sweet!

Rezika Zurch - how beautiful- his eves are so amazing!

april - beautiful photo session! the lighting is perfect!!!! that first shot is my fav…

rachael - beautiful light!

Laura - He’s so cute! Gorgeous eyes! :)

Amber - Great shots! <3

Kofo B - Lovely work.

Heather - Oh my goodness, that little boy has gorgeous eyes. I love that first one!

Anjuli Francois - What a handsome little guy. Great looking family too.

Crystal - Stylish family, very well coordinated. Beautiful images, I love all the emotion you captured.

Analiese - Beautiful! Especially that last shot.

Carrie - Oh so cute!! I love the one with the fence! ♥

Carrie - Great family session! My fave is the last one!

Lindsay Faber - Love the connections captured. The last one is my favourite…such gorgeous light and location.

Tiffany - These are adorable! Looks like you really captured their personalities!

Nicole - Adorable! Such a great little family!

Carli Donsky - Such an adorable little boy!! Great images, it seems like it was a fun session!

Pam - What a little sweetheart!

dawn s - Those eyes! I am in love! What a sweet family. Beautiful work!

Amy - He is so handsome. I really like the one of him and his dad.

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