Family {H} location shoot, Ravenswood, Livermore, Heidi Kapust Family Photographer

I’ve known this family for quite awhile and it was fun being able to capture their personalities! The boys are so handsome! 

Emily - What a cute family! I love the setting in the background. You captured such a great interactions between everyone!

Stacy Pederson - What a great session. The last photo is a hoot. Reminds me so much of my boys.

Leslie - Aww! Those boys remind me so much of my own at that age! The photos are adorable, and I just love how you really captured their spirit! Great job!!

Kelly M - Some really beautiful shots! Love that last one – so cute!

Colleen - Lovely family! The last images is fantastic! It looks like they had a blast.

Areke - What a beautiful family! It looks like they had a blast and I love the candid feel to these.

Melissa - cute family and adorable boys! Love the last one

Maryrose - Great photos! That last shot of the boys made me smile. How fun! :)

Melissa Klein - What a great looking bunch! I LOVE that first family shot – gorgeous colors!

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Brother & Sister Location Shoot, Crow Canyon Gardens, San Ramon, Heidi Kapust Child Photographer

Such a fun shoot! Beautiful Children!

Maryrose - There is something so timeless about that last photos. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “Anne of Green Gables”.

lorena - Love them…esp. the one with her in the orange coat. Great job!

lisa lacroix - What a beautiful sibling session, and the location is gorgeous!!!

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Letters to sons | Torrey | October 2013

Dearest Torrey,

My oldest child, my son, you are amazing! I love you so much! You are truly such a sweet person, I love watching you grow into a nice young man.  We went to the pumpkin patch and this is the first year that you weren’t as into it as you normally are.  This made me a little sad because you are growing up! I wish I could stop time and enjoy every second because you are growing so quickly! You are so good with your siblings and have so much patience.   We bought you a new bed this week, it arrives on Monday.  I’m excited you are growing but it is going to be difficult changing your room to a big kid room.  You are so excited! Love you with all my heart! Mom

To continue reading our blog circle, please visit Jacqui’s page to read her letter.

Jacqui - What a handsome young man! I dread the day my son isn’t excited to go to the pumpkin patch.

Leslie - I love the last photo of him with the wagon pulling pumpkins. It is such a contrast to the surroundings of the open road. He looks like a remarkable young man.

chantell - I so understand how you sometimes just want time to stand still. He looks like a awesome young man

Katie - Oh, I love your photos of him! The one of him sitting on the pumpkin definitely says I’m getting too old for this, but the wagon pulling makes him look like a little kid again! What a milestone to have and a room makeover to mark it!

Deirdre - What an age—in one shot (such as the first one) he looks so young, and then in the next (sitting on the pumpkin)he almost looks like a teen already! Great capture of this in-between stage, still a little boy and almost grown at the same time.

Lori A - You did a great job capturing the line between boy and young man! We are at the the stage with our younger ones wanting to do the younger activities and our older ones not as interested :(. It is great you are capturing this moment in time!

mindy b. - Oh my goodness – the last photo of him pulling the wagon! Love it! Hugs to you as you switch his room over to the big bed. Sad and happy at the same time!

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Family {H} location shoot, Castle Rock Park, Walnut Creek, Heidi Kapust Family Photography

First time shooting at this location, it was very pretty, can’t wait to bring my family there to hike. Enjoyed this sweet family, the girls were too cute!!!  Forgot I had the bubbles, and pulled them out at the end of the shoot and the  girls loved them! Wish I would have pulled them out sooner! 

Colleen - So sweet! Bubbles are such a great tool to have!

lisa lacroix - Oh I love this!! What an adorable family, and the bubbles are such a great idea!!!

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Letters to Daughters | October 2013

Dearest Ava,

You. are. so. much. fun!!! I enjoy having you as my little side kick! Both boys are back in school and you are with me most of the time.  You started preschool last month!  You are such a big girl now! You handled it like a champ, you are the youngest at your school.  You are very good at your fine motor skills, you can already button things.  You can get yourself dressed.  I cannot believe you will be three next month.  You are so excited for your birthday. You say the funniest things and have so much personality.  You are a girly girl. You love to play hide and seek, soccer and ballet! Ballet is your favorite and you can’t wait for class each week.  These pictures are from our trip to visit your cousins in the Northwest.  You had so much fun!  Thanks for being my special girl and I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.  I am so lucky!!!! xoxo 

To continue the blog circle, please visit Lisa King to view her letter.

mindy b. - She’s so sweet! <3

Lisa - Aww she’s so cute!

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