Letters to Sons | Harrison | September 2013

Dearest Harrison,

Mommy is so excited to begin this journey of writing you a letter every month.  Hmmm, where  do I begin?!? For starters, you are my high spirited child and always keep me on my toes! You are very smart, lots of fun and are a big bouncing ball of energy! You always want to do something, tv is so boring to you!  You are most happy with any kind of ball in your hands, whether you are bouncing it inn the house, and I’ve told you a million times no balls in the house, or if you are outside shooting baskets, you love sports! You are an amazing swimmer! You just completed your first year on swim team and it was fun to watch you grow as a swimmer and continually improved your time each week.  Now you are playing soccer and you are a machine! You are relentless! You scored a goal this week, the only goal for your team, go Harrison!

You also enjoy crafts, you just spent a few hours lastnight making five rubber band bracelets.  Thank you for making me one! I love it!  You are so funny, you always have the best one liners! You just started first grade and you love your teacher and you love school! You are doing really well in school!

The first picture I am posting is from our trip to disneyland, you couldn’t wait to get to the park!

You love the beach!

Thank you for being such an amazing son, I love you so much and enjoy every minute with you!



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Katie - Heidi – these are great! I love the image of him peeking out through the curtain – such anticipation! Congrats to him on the soccer goal!

Jacqui - Such great pictures! I just love the second one where he’s flexing his muscles!

Deirdre - Such beautiful photos (love the beach one, but I’m a sucker for brother-photos too!) with an equally beautiful letter.

Chrissy - This is great! We have tried the no balls in the house- and well it just didn’t work out so well for us, and I am thinking it will not for you either 😉 Sounds like a great active boy!

Amber - love the beach photos!

Sarah P - What a cutie! He sounds like such a fun little guy. I’ve had to give in to balls in the house, I couldn’t fight it any longer. :)

Lori - Love the pics! The muscle shot is priceless!

Leslie - What a great photo looking through the curtains.

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Letters to Sons- Torrey 8.16.2013

Dearest Torrey,

I’m so excited to write my first of many letters to you! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and am finally doing it! First of all, I am so proud of you! You just turned 9 years old. How time flies! Hard to believe I will be sending you off to college in 9 years! You are such an incredible soul! You are so sweet, caring, kind and smart.  Your brother and sister look up to you in so many ways and you have so much patience and are always so good to them.  You love soccer, baseball and innertubing. You love watching television and are probably tired of me always asking you to turn it off.  MineCraft and Survival Craft are your favorite games on your iPad.   The pictures below are from our trip to Southern California (where you were born) at Montage beach.  You love the beach, sand, waves and chasing your siblings.  The last picture is you enjoying your birthday present, a new trampoline .  Looking forward to watching you grow into the fine man you are becoming! I love you!  Mom

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Jacqui Paikin - That third pic is so perfect! Great capture!

Kristin - Crazy how fast they grow! Love the beach photos!

Lori A - love the beach photos. And your blog site has a really cute design!

mindy b. - Love the third image! Thinking about college is crazy … but so true! What an awesome letter this month!!!

Alexis - The letter is so personal and sweet…he will love to read these when he is older and has kiddos of his own!

chrissy - beautiful letter and great photos! I am a sucker for beach photos!

tory burch bags sale - I agree that wear what you want.

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Letters to Daughters- August 2013

Dearest Ava,

This embarks our new journey together as I begin writing you monthly letters.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so I am excited to finally begin! Writing is not my strongest trait so please forgive me.   I feel so blessed to have you in my life! You are beautiful, fun, outgoing, a handful, my side kick, a tease (especially your brothers), full of personality and strong.  Your vocabulary has grown tremendously this month.  Your newest saying is,”Mommy, I love you with all my heart”.  Ummm, yes, that melts my heart every time you say it….. Below are some pictures from our recent trip to Southern California, at Montage Beach.   You love the beach, smelling flowers, chasing your brothers! You are such a girly girl, love to carry a purse and you love clothes and accesorizing your outfits.  You are a daddy’s girl, you can tell by the pictures below.  And I love your curls, so afraid to cut your hair because I don’t want the curls to leave!   Love you! Mom


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Amber - oh my! she is just precious! I love her curls! The photos on the beach are stunning. I have a little girly girl as well. When she was your daughters age she collected purses.

Lisa - Oh my gosh her hair! And that bow! Gorgeous! I’m afraid to cut my daughters hair as well, it’s now down to her mid back but for the same reasons, I don’t want her to lose those curls! Gorgeous photos!

Kristin - Her curls are adorable! I love the daddy pictures; so sweet!

Lori A - These pictures are beautiful!

Jessica - Oh my she is so cute, love those curls! 😉

mindy b. - I LOVE the picture of her curls! Beautiful photos, and a beautiful letter this month! So glad to be on this journey with you!!!

Samantha Sinchek Photography - Your daughter is beautiful, and this is such a lovely letter to her. I’m sure she’ll treasure it when she gets older.

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