Cousins {H} location photo shoot, Ravenswood, Livermore by Heidi Kapust Family Photography

I’m so blessed to have two boys because when I have a photo shoot with Four beautiful boys ages 8 and under, I can chase them and feel right at ease.  This was a fun shoot with boys that I have known for years.  They are ALL boy and kept me busy! I really love their outfits, simple and timeless, makes for great photos!

Stacy - These are so sweet!

Elizabeth Ordonez - What cute little guys! Love the curls.

Alana - Such adorable little men!!

Christine - Cute kiddos! Love the one of them holding hands walking away.

Samantha Sinchek Photography - You did a wonderful job capturing their personalities!

Beth - What adorable boys! I love their curls!

Brandy - So cute!! I know what you mean about shooting boys…I feel the same way. I have 3 boys myself and find it so much easier to relate to boys when shooting, These are awesome :)

Kelly Wilson - Awww, such adorable little boys, they look like a lot of fun! And lovely photos!!

The Light Within Photography - Adorable little guys, and lovely captures!

Kofo B - These are so adorable!

carrie - SUUUPER cute!!! I love the boy with the curls!

Marilyn - What a cute bunch of boys!! I love these shots.

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Family {R} location shoot, Crow Canyon Gardens, Heidi Kapust Family Photographer

Here are some pictures from this adorable family shoot in San Ramon at Crow Canyon Gardens.  I love the color! I really like the vibrant colors they chose to wear, I think it really complements the location…

Nichole Hanna - These are so amazing!

Amber - Super cute pictures! :)

Angela L. - The one of them holding hands is precious…every mom wants that shot!

Lana - Beautiful family, kids are so cute! Great work!

Stacy - such a sweet family. Beautiful images.

Christine - Great shots, love the bokeh!

robin - Beautiful family, these are great family portraits!

Melissa Stottmann - Gorgeous family and their outfits are perfection <3 And you are right – beautiful colors!!!

Elizabeth Ordonez - So cute! I love the sunglasses pic.

kim - Oh my!! Love your setting…gorgeous background and family!

Carrie - These are full of personality! Great job!

Christina - Aw, so cute & what great personalities you captured.

Kelly Wilson - What a gorgeous family! Love the sunglasses, these kiddos look like a lot of fun!!

Analiese - sunglass shot – too cool!

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Newborn Baby Girl {M} by Heidi Kapust Photography Bay Area Newborn Photographer

Alexis - Such a beautiful baby and I love all of the sweet headbands…adorable!

Angela L. - Oh my goodness! how cute is the last one of her…it looks like she’s hugging her daddy!

mary - lovely photo’s! the daddy shot is priceless!

Samantha Sinchek Photography - What a beauty! I love all the accessories!

Amber - What a cutie! Great shots! ♥

Angela - Beautiful baby… and I really love that second image. So classic.

Kim Kravitz - Such a precious little baby!!

Anna - She is gorgeous!! Love all the props and variety! Beautiful photos!

marcie - so sweet and that last one is awesome!

Abbe McCracken - Precious! All of them but I especially love the one of dad and baby girl. <3

Courtney - What a squishy little princess <3

Kristen - What a sweetie!

Anna - What a cute little girl.

Robin - What a sweet baby! I love all the accessories so cute!

Melissa Klein - THOSE CHEEKS!! What a cutie!

Jennifer Harris - What a beautiful little one!

Kofo B - Lovely work.

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Family {R} Maternity Session by Heidi Kapust Photography Bay Area Ca Maternity Photographer

Stunning Maternity Session, Beautiful Family

Angela L. - These are really great. The b&w in the doorway is so dramatic. Love it.

Jenny - beautiful 😀 and so shiny~

Jackie - Wow, gorgeous family! Beautiful images!

Crystal - Beautiful! They are a stunning couple! I love the photo inside the doorway and the second to the last ones. He has a great tattoo!

Beth Wade - lovely session!

Ashley - These are beautiful! Love the lighting!

Amber - Beautiful shots!

Melissa - What a great variety of photos! Love them!

Crystal - I love the light!!! These are absolutely stunning! Their little girl is beautiful!

Jess - These are beautiful! I especially love the silhouette at the door!

Tara - the black and white silhouette photo is wonderful! great captures!

Jennifer - The light is just gorgeous in that first set. And the one with big sister made me smile.

AshleyS - beautiful family! love the black and whites and the last ones of mom and dad. :)

melissa - These are simply stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Kellie - These are all beautiful but my favorite is the b/w in the doorway…stunning!

SAbrina - Lovely work. The silhouette is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Analiese - Lovely work!

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